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Chicago Brick Oven 750 Hybrid: Is It Worth It?


If you’re thinking about buying a brick oven, look no further than the Chicago Brick Oven 750 Hybrid. It is a highly durable and well-made oven, which holds heat for a long time and reaches optimum cooking temperature in a concise amount of time. The oven is built and manufactured entirely in the USA.

Chicago hybrid 750 oven installed indoor
The company has had success throughout the US and has been praised for its unique products. The products are most commonly praised for their performance and durability. This model has been constructed to outperform its previous models, so let us get right into it.

Qualities Of The Chicago Brick Oven 750 Hybrid

Hybrid Nature

The Chicago brick oven 750 runs on both wood and gas, which makes its use very versatile. While general gas ovens are extremely easy to use, there is a level of customization that can be used here.

Chicago hybrid 750 kit fitted outdoor

The type of wood used to cook something adds a lot to the taste and smell of the food. Different types of wood produce various kinds of smokes that imbue the food with their unique fragrance.

wood as a fuel in cbo 750 hybrid

Endless Possibilities

Brick ovens are known for their versatility and how they can cook so many foods that come from different cuisines. This brick oven is the perfect size for your home and is built to cater to your needs.

The design is impeccable and can fit in any place that you want it to fit in. you can cook a pizza or calzone or maybe even ribs!! The choice is yours, and the oven will provide the best accommodation possible.

Extremely Durable

The oven is built to last, the materials inside the chamber are constructed to conduct heat fast and retain the built-up heat for the best cooking experience. The outer construction materials are heat insulators, so the oven will not be hot to touch from the outside.

The chances of rust and its oxidative properties harming the oven are minimal as the materials are resistant to those phenomena.

Durability is one of the main things that people tend to look at when looking to purchase ovens. Ovens are priced high, yet most companies will use cheaper materials to have more profit.

However, the Chicago brick oven does not compromise at all in any of the areas, the gas chamber is perfect, and the durability of the entire oven is impeccable. The more durable the oven, the safer it is to use it.

Built in the USA

The materials for the products are sourced in the USA. They have been assembled and manufactured in the USA as well. It makes the maintenance and service help extremely easy for people living in the US. As with all products meant to handle edible products, the ovens are certified safe for use.

All products that are built and sold by Chicago brick ovens are certified and are built to last. The products are also thoroughly tested, and this testing is vigorous to make sure that they do not give a mediocre performance or cause any harm in the long run. So, purchase the products with your heart at ease.

Variety to Choose from

Apart from the extensive Chicago brick oven products collection, the Chicago brick oven 750 has two versions. The residential oven is built and certified for outdoor use only, while the commercial Chicago brick oven 750 is constructed and approved for both inside use and outside use.

There are a few differences between both versions due to their placement compatibility. It gives you a choice to decide and purchase according to your cooking needs and preferences. In both ways, whatever you choose, you will get to experience the best Chicago brick oven in the market.

Oh, and there are colour options for the models as well, which will go well with any theme that you have going in your workspace or ambience. So, they got you covered in the department as well.

In both the versions, you have three separate options to buy from. Your buying preference depends entirely upon where you want to fit this oven and how are you planning to use it. All different options are mentioned below:

CBO 750 Hybrid DIY Kit

CBO hybrid kit

CBO 750 Hybrid Countertop

CBO 750 Hybrid Countertop No Skirt

CBO hybrid 750countertop in silver finish

CBO 750 Hybrid with Stand

CBO 750 hybrid oven on stand

What the Chicago Brick Oven 750 Hybrid Comes with

Let’s talk about the oven first.

The oven itself has six parts, each of which has a specific function


The dome, which is the top part of the oven that connects to the exhaust, better directs the smoke coming out. This function is handy in terms of the commercial model when it is placed inside. If not properly vented out, the excess smoke would result in the fire sprinklers being set off.

Cooking Surface

The cooking surface or the hearth is measured to be 38 by 38, so it is a large one. It means that large batches of food can be cooked at a single time. The commercial version measures 38 by 28. It is composed of three pieces.

Gas Options

Chicago brick ovens give you the option for the gas package for your oven. You can opt for a natural gas one or go for the propane gas one. Either of which you need or prefer, both the packages are safe to use.

What Comes Pre-assembled?

The commercial and residential version of the Chicago brick oven 750 comes pre-assembled with several things. Here are those things:

Bundle kit for CBO 750

Insulated Board and Blanket

The board and blanket each have the same function to provide accessibility through the hat. The blanket also has the process of being useful for emergency purposes.

Decorative Skirt

As function isn’t the only factor that people look for, the decorative skirt gives off a fantastic aesthetic while providing protection and purpose.

Anchor Plate

The anchor plate is essential to the oven’s functioning, and it will help you in using the oven as well.

Chimney Pipe

The chimney pipe is made of extremely high-quality materials. The quality and durability of the chimney pipe are essential as any leakage or breakage in the seams could lead to safety hazards. This oven makes sure it doesn’t happen.

Stainless Steel Cap

The cap is made of stainless steel, making it very durable and easy to maintain and clean.


The mortar in the model is very high quality and provides optimum functioning.

Integrated Stand

The integrated stand will help elevate the oven, making it easier to maintain the oven and clean any excess build-up.


The commercial, as well as the residential models, have accessories available for them.

  • A well-built and durable pizza peel for pizza enthusiasts.
  • A cleaning brush is designed specifically to clean the oven without causing any damage or deterioration.
  • An infrared thermometer gun to measure the temperature of the oven safely and accurately.

How to Install Chicago Brick Oven?

Are you thinking about the installation of chicago brick oven? I have you covered. You can call the experts to do the job. Anyhow, here is a time lapse video that you can watch on installing the chicago brick oven kit outdoor.


While there are a few differences between both versions, the price is the same for both commercial and residential versions. You can check the prices here, and Chicago brick ovens offer free shipping with each purchase as well.

The installation costs are also minimal, and there is also a monthly installment plan as well if you can’t or don’t want to pay the whole amount in one go.

Worth It?

If you are looking for an oven that will give you the best performance and longevity, this is a solid option. Both the commercial and the residential oven are built to last and are exceptional in performance.

This is perfect for commercials. For domestic use, this might not bring you the best value for your money.

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