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All About Frozen Pizzas | Best Frozen Pizza Brands


There is nothing better than a pizza to satisfy hunger or a pizza party in the backyard. But what about a more convenient option? You heard it right! A quick and easy-to-make frozen pizza is all good to satisfy hunger and bring happiness on your face. After a busy day, you probably don’t want to go to your favorite pizza place or call for a delivery. What you might want is a piping hot pizza heading straight out of your oven.

You can make a delicious pizza from scratch at home but nobody has time to do all the chores when you got the frozen pizza. These are convenient, easy to prepare, yet delicious as any pizza from your favorite restaurant. You can choose as per your preference because these come in various toppings, crusts, sauces, and also gluten-free options.

frozen pizz with black backgroundFor some people, frozen pizzas are the go-to, quick meal due to a shortage of time. But for me, it brings me back to my college days. I used to come home after finishing college, drained and completely exhausted. I haven’t had time and energy to make a meal so what I used to do is grab a frozen pizza, chuck it in the oven, and in no time a sizzling, cheesy, and delicious pizza was ready to dig in.

From that time to now, there is no way to go back. I have tried various frozen pizzas from the sheer variety available in the market.  It is quite overwhelming to choose from a wide range of options. But don’t worry! I will be helping you out with my absolute favorites to pick the right one for you.

Cooking Frozen pizza in Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens can easily cook frozen pizzas. You can use any indoor or outdoor pizza oven. What matters is the temperature settings your pizza oven is offering. If you are looking for a pizza oven, I highly recommend you check out the best electric pizza ovens.

Step 1: Defrost the Frozen Pizza

The first thing you need to make sure is that your pizza is defrosted well before you put it in the oven. It takes 1-2 hours is get your pizza thawed to room temperature. Just leave it on your countertop and wait till it gets defrosted. If you just straight away put the pizza into the oven without defrosting it, the frozen layer will melt and make the pizza crust soggy and mushy.

Step2: Preheat the Pizza Oven

While the pizza is defrosting, preheat the oven to the recommended temperature. Mostly frozen pizzas are specified with 375-475°F temperature settings. It is recommended to set your oven on convection mode for the even distribution of heat. If your oven is preheated on boiler mode, there are chances that you burn the toppings while leaving the crust undercooked.

Step3: Brush the crust with Oil

Dip a stippling brush in extra virgin olive oil and brush it over the edges of the pizza. When pizza gets heated up in the oven, the oil is going to absorb in the pizza crust to make it crispier and gives golden brown edges. You can also sprinkle some additional Italian spices or grate some cheese to make it even more tasty and flavorful.

Step4: Place the Pizza on Baking Stone

Once your oven is preheated and your pizza got a little pre-prep, place the pizza inside the oven. You can use a wood or metal pizza peel to slide down the pizza right into the center of the oven for safe transfer. You can use a normal pizza rack, but a pizza stone can make a whole difference.

Baking stone tends to absorb more heat and retain it for longer to deliver a crispier crust with even heat distribution around the bottom. Place the baking stone inside the oven during the pre-heat session so that the pizza stone holds maximum heat. If you don’t have a baking stone, just place the pizza in the center of the pizza rack so that it gets even heat from all sides.

Step5: Bake the Pizza for the Recommended Time

Read the instructions on the packaging carefully and set the timer to a specified time duration. Usually, it tkes10-15 minutes to get the frozen pizza cooked all through. But it can vary depending on the toppings and size of the pizza. Pizza with meat toppings takes longer than vegetable toppings.

Step6: Remove the Pizza from the Oven

When the timer is up, you are most likely to notice oozing cheese bubbles and a golden-brown crust. This means your pizza is ready. But if it not the case, just give it a few more minutes until it is perfectly cooked. Use an oven mitt or pizza peel to remove the pizza from the oven.

 Allow your pizza to cool down for 2-3 minutes before serving. During this time the cheese gets slightly firm which makes it easy to slice without creating a mess. Run a pizza cutter from the middle of the pizza and roll the cutter in two-and-forth motion a few inches in one go. Cut as many slices as you want and serve them to your guests.

Cooking Frozen Pizza in Microwave

Frozen pizza in small sizes is recommended to bake in the microwave as it will take less time and is more convenient. Whether you are at your workplace or home, just pass your frozen pizza through a few rounds in the microwave and your pizza is ready to dig in.

Step1: Place the Pizza on the microwave plate

Place the pizza in the center of the microwave plate and turn on the microwave. Most microwaves have food settings for dedicated food types. If your microwave comes with these settings, turn on the pizza settings and close the door. Use heat-reflecting trays to get an even crisper crust.

Step2: Cook for Recommended Time

A microwave oven takes less time than your regular pizza oven to cook the pizza all through. Usually, 4-5 minutes are enough, but it can vary. See the back of the pizza box for time instructions. Set the timer so that your pizza won’t get burned.

Frozen Pizza Dough Ball

I know most of you have personal favorites of toppings and cheese combinations, which is certainly hard to find in the frozen pizza aisle. Another great way to overcome this issue is to replace homemade pizza dough with frozen pizza dough balls. These are ready-made alternatives for dough made from scratch.

You can play around with toppings, sauce, and cheese of your own choice to create something individual. The sky is limitless when it comes to toppings. You can use meat, sausages, bacon, mushrooms or anything based on your preference and top it up with your favorite cheese. You don’t need to go through the hassle of dough making from scratch.

Trust me! With frozen pizza dough balls, you are going to save your time and effort. I have been through the tiring process of kneading, stretching, and just leaning against the clock to wait for the dough to rise. Frozen pizza dough balls are truly a convenient option. Just defrost the dough and generously spread your toppings and your pizza is ready to place in a blazing hot oven.

Types of Frozen Pizza Dough Balls

Let’s start with exploring the different kinds of frozen pizza dough options. Ditch the long hours of making homemade pizza dough from scratch and stock up your freezers with a sheer variety of frozen pizza dough.

The first one is ready-made pizza dough which you can find in bakeries. Their shelf life is not that long so try using them as soon as you reach home. If you don’t aim to use the dough straight away, store it in the freezer to prevent proofing. Since these types of dough are fresh, they are enriched with fresh flavors. I have been using ready-made dough for my night pizza parties and no one ever recognizes it’s the store-bought version. Also, it saves my time and is a quick fix to host gatherings.

The second type is canned pizza dough which has a longer shelf life as compared to fresh ones. The airtight can ensures that the dough won’t proof for ages. It is a great backup option for pizza emergencies or a surprise guest appearance. It is more like a puff pastry that can hold generous topping quite well. You can use this as a base for pies, pizzas, and much more.

The third and my personal favorite is frozen pizza crust. It is the best pick for working people and students like myself. Frozen pizza crusts come in two types: fresh or part baked. These pizza crusts tend to have a slightly shorter lifespan than canned dough. However, they are easy to use and quick to bake. You need to defrost them before using them. Place it on the countertop for an hour or so, but not too much as there are chances of over-proofing.

Last but not least is the pizza dough mix. This is a combination of flour, yeast, and seasoning in a packet. You just need to follow the instructions to form a dough. It is the best choice for newbies as they won’t be worrying about the flour measurements. I remember using these in my early baking days when I had no clue about baking.

Best Frozen Pizza Dough

Let’s face it! Nothing can beat the taste and texture of homemade pizza dough. But, certain store-bought pizza dough options can be a suitable alternative for your next pizza night. My mom used to keep this readymade pizza dough in her refrigerator so that I can make a meal after a tiring day at school.

I have tried pretty much every pizza dough from grocery stores near me. I have a few personal favorites, and some are highly appreciated by guests over the years. Here is a breakdown of some of the best quality frozen pizza dough options that you must need for your pizza nights.

When it comes to pizzas, you must have heard the name of Ooni; A brand that makes superb quality outdoor pizza ovens.

This premium quality pizza crust mix is introduced through the collaboration of Ooni and Williams Sonoma. It’s a great pick to enjoy woodfired pizza at home. The mix is a blend of finely milled 00 Italian wheat flour and a packet of yeast. I have used this pizza crust mix and trust me, it literally blew my mind with the authentic wood-fired taste and perfect texture.

Ooni pizza crust mix and Ooni pizza ovens are a heavenly-made combination to deliver Neapolitan-style pizza at home. The pizza crust mixture is easy to use and it’s quite convenient as well. One packet can lead you to three pizza crusts of 8–10-inch thickness. This versatile mix can be used to make pasta dough and even pizza base.

I am truly a fan of Trader Joe’s because of the quality products they have been delivering for years. Any fresh product you name it and they have it. It’s heaven for all the food lovers out there. They have some of the best-frozen pizza crusts.

If you are looking for gluten-free pizza crust, then stop your search because Traders Joe’s Gluten-free pizza crust is by far good tasting pizza crust. With gluten-free pizza crusts, most brands compromise on taste but with these particular pizza crusts, you won’t miss out on taste for sure.

These crusts are made in Italy and reflect the true essence of Italian cuisine. The ingredients include cauliflower, finely milled rice flour, chickpea flour, and cornstarch to hold every element together. The thin layers of crust have a crisp texture with small bubbles that make the crust light and crispy. Each packet contains two pizza crusts of 9.5-inch thickness.

Pizza Buddy Pizza Dough

product image of Pizza Buddy Pizza Dough with black background

This fresh ready-made pizza dough from Pizza Buddy is my all-time favorite. It is very convenient and tastes just like homemade pizza dough. You just need to defrost it and roll it out on the countertop to the desired shape. Throw away your favorite toppings with any sauce, shred some cheese and your pizza is ready to go into the oven.

It takes about 20 minutes to bake at 400°F temperature. The dough is made from pure wheat flour and contains no fat and cholesterol. This is a great option to incorporate into your daily cooking as it is all-natural with good nutritional value.

Golden Home is a brand that has been providing authentic and handcrafted cooking products for years now. Their ultra-thin pizza crusts are a must-have if you are not fond of spending hours in the kitchen cooking just a pizza. These are made from wheat flour and give 16g of protein per serving. These are my go-to pick for an everyday after-work meal.

It comes in packaging of 3 and can last up to 5-6 months unopened. If you happen to use one and want to save it for later, then go ahead. Unused pieces can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. These crusts are quite thin and take very little time to bake.

Best Frozen Pizza Brands

The global pandemic caused dining restrictions all around the world. This has driven the interest of home cooks in high-quality frozen meals. The demand for frozen pizza has increased immensely over the past years. This urge for frozen pizza has impeccably improved the quality and variety of frozen pizza.

In any grocery store, you will see a frozen pizza aisle overflowing with a wide array of options. Anyone with any taste preference can find their desired frozen pizza. Some people may get overwhelmed with the broad collection under one roof. I have tried pretty much all types of frozen pizza, but not all of them were good enough to buy again. I have listed some of the best-frozen pizzas out there for you so that you don’t miss out on the delicious pizzas.

Red baron aims to convert your dinner table into a family table with exquisite and delicious-tasting frozen food. They have pizza for everyone. This particular Red Baron Classic Four Cheese Pizza is a top pick for big cheese lovers. The long shreds of mozzarella, cheddar, and provolone blended with delicious parmesan cheese are packed on this pizza. With every single bite, you’ll experience four distinct kinds of cheese but all blended seamlessly and it melts straight away into your mouth.

Fasten your seatbelts as you are about to run into a flood of cheese. I prefer this four-cheese combination over the three-cheese variant because it gives that mouthful of cheesiness that you cannot find in any other pizza. The crust is just the right thickness to hold the perfect balance of cheese.

The pizza itself is a complete meal with good nutritional value. Just bake it in your pizza oven for 18-22 minutes at 400°F. This pizza hits the cheesy spot just as we cheese lovers want. It is also an inexpensive option as Red Baron is on the more cost-friendly side compared to some other frozen cheese pizzas.

I you are a pepperoni pizza kind of guy then you just need this pizza in your refrigerator all the time. Trust me it won’t disappoint you! I have tried this and I am just like wow. The crust is moist and soft from the inside yet crispy on the outside. The toppings are pepperoni and cheeses tossed with a fresh tomato sauce. You can’t get wrong with this flavor combination.

The toppings are stapled and packed with authentic Italian flavor. The cheese and amount of pepperoni give a subtle and balanced ratio. I will totally be buying this frozen pepperoni pizza over and over again. It is like a fine wine; the more you dig in, the more you enjoy the flavor. The fact that the dough rises so much makes it ultimately light and soft.

The brand also has some other really amazing flavors which I cannot wait to get a bite of. What I like about the packaging is that it comes in peel and bake rather than wrapped in plastic. All and all, the brand knows what they are doing, and they are doing it with perfection.

Here is another great pick from Red Baron. This is their Classic Pepperoni Pizza with 100% cheddar cheese, tangy tomato sauce, and a generous pepperoni topping. It is on my list for obvious good reasons. With one bite you’ll be transported to pizza nirvana. It gives your perfect crispy crust with the right number of toppings. You’ll forget any famous pizzeria once you have it. Trust me there is no way to go back.

This appetizing, cheesy pepperoni pizza is a good source to fuel your body with nutrition. You will feel nourished and happy with every single bite you get. You can have it as dinner or a quick snack after school. Now you don’t have to get your pizza delivered. Just keep this classic staple in your refrigerator and bake it in just 20 minutes at 400°F. Don’t forget to defrost it before baking. Otherwise, your pizza will get mushy.

This frozen pizza will surely please your guests at your next pizza party if you are planning to take some time off for all the hassle of making pizza from scratch. Make sure to add this one to your grocery list.

When we talk about Digiorno “It’s not just a delivery, it is Digiorno”. Get yourself ready for a flavor-packed frozen supreme pizza with rising crust by Digiorno. If this is in my freezer all the time, it means it is just incredible.

A lot is going on in the toppings which I think just enhances the flavor. All the fresh plentiful vegetables and tender meat combined with rich cheese just make you have it every single night.

If you are a supreme pizza lover, then check out supreme pizza toppings to know all about supreme pizza that you are missing out on. People use toaster ovens to bake pizza but it is not likely to bake it to perfection, especially with a rising crust. Your pizza is going to fall apart if you don’t manage to bake it in an electric pizza oven.

The pizza just screams incredible flavor in every single bite. I just fell in love with the rising crust, as it’s the right amount of softness and crispiness that we all expect in a supreme pizza. It is also best for the price and succulent taste. You don’t need to defrost it. Just bake it frozen to preserve all its goodness.

Amy is a well-known brand in the organic food industry when it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle. They make tasty meals and snacks that are inexpensive, easy to cook, and accessible. They have a wide range of frozen foods and their frozen cheese pizza is the ultimate delight. Their ingredients are non-GMO which means nothing goes to waste.

The brand makes these pizzas from scratch to maintain a homemade taste and authenticity. This pizza is the best pick for all my vegetarian fellows out there. This cheese pizza is based on a tested recipe and brings you back to an Italian restaurant. The toppings include fresh tomatoes topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. A generous sprinkle of basil just completes this classic combination.

To prepare the pizza, just place it directly on an oven tray. It is also very quick to bake as it takes 9-10 minutes at 450°F. If you like a fluffy crust, bake on a baking rack at 450°F for 13-15 minutes or until it is slightly golden brown.

The wait is over for my health-conscious buddies. This cauliflower crust pizza by 365 whole food market will serve the purpose without getting you extra calories. The crust is based on cauliflower and chickpea flour which makes it the best gluten-free option. When the crust is baked, the outside gets crisp up while the inside remains moist.

The pizza is topped with a nice blend of mozzarella and fontina cheeses. A layer of tangy tomato sauce further elevates the flavor. Whether you are on diet or following keto rules, you can have this pizza anywhere anytime. Get your grocery buckets ready to stock up on these cauliflower crust pizzas.

I have been in search of a good BBQ-style pizza that has a succulent and balanced flavor profile. My search finally ends on this amazing pizza that has a rich BBQ hint without overpowering the true pizza flavor. If you are a BBQ lover, then you should give it a go. The brand is producing a restaurant quality pizza range that covers every individual choice.

The pizza contains seasoned white meat chicken, red spring onions, mozzarella cheese and gouda over sweet and spicy BBQ sauce that is spread on a thin pizza crust. The chicken is moist and tender combined with sauce that is not over the top, making this a pleasant treat.

You will get 290 calories per serving which make this pizza one of the lighter options for thin crust pizzas out there. The crust itself is thin and crispier side. If you like soft and fluffy crust, then try something else from the wide range offered by the brand.

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